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How does all this work?

You, or anyone else, can list your business in this directory for free.

What about the featured listings?

Featured listings for each category are paid for via a monthly fee. Only 3 listings can occupy the top spaces, so only 3 monthly subscriptions are collected for each category.

Say you had a $20-per month listing, and two other people in the same category had $25- and $30- listings. Now, someone submits a $35-per-month listing. You receive an automatic email saying that you've been outbid, and you of course have the option of resubmitting.

You will be charged a pro-rated monthly rate if this happens. So, if you get outbid 15 days into a 30-day month, you'll pay half of your bid.

Who runs this operation?

I do! I had some extra server capacity, so I figured, why not try to make it pay for itself. My name is Adam Bard, and I used to do web design freelance, but now I work full-time and do projects on the side, mostly in Django (like this directory).

Why a directory?

Why not? I got the idea from this here Hacker News thread. I think it's a fun experiment in SEO, a reasonable public service (especially for those on this list), and a way to probably make a few bucks maybe.

Did we answer all your questions?

If not, please Contact Us, we'd love to hear from you.